Secretary Report – January 2014

NO. 46, OKLAHOMA CITY, OK – Seymour Davis Ring

Meets 7:00 pm, 1st Monday of the month at City Arts Center, Oklahoma State Fairground.

LEE WOODSIDE, Secretary. Email:

It was a treat to start our New Year with a lecture by Dal Sanders, President of the S.A.M. This lecture was free to all who had paid their 2014 dues.

Dal started by stressing that is very important to be seen and to be heard. He proceeded to erect a very impressive backdrop in about 30 seconds. He then showed us his sound system and recommended a wireless headset microphone.

Dal said that he has two rules. First, it is a sin to bore a kid. Second, it is bad business to bore an adult.

Dal performed and discussed a number of classic tricks and principles that he has adapted for use in kid shows. However, he stressed that many of these could be applied to adult shows or even corporate audiences.

His “New Wave” is a “B’Wave” type effect using symbols children can relate to. He said that many children do not understand playing cards. “Three Cap Monte” is a contest between teacher and student to keep track of the correct baseball cap. Of course, the student always wins. Dal had adapted this for use in an anti-bullying theme.

Dal performed a very nice “Will the Cards Match” type of effect using audience volunteers and super-jumbo cards. He used past S.A.M. leaders on the faces of the cards, but said this is very effective for corporate work, using a client’s products or symbols.

“Mental De-DUCK-Shun” is a cute routine with a free choice of one of five rubber ducks. Of course the magician correctly predicts the duck that will be chosen. No equivoque is involved.

“Six Christmas Card Repeat” takes an old classic and applies it to a holiday theme, with clever patter. I’m not sure how he can make these up for what’s he is charging for them.

Dal’s signed bill to impossible location was definitely different. The impossible location was a tennis shoe, which had a zipper and a lock. The routine involved lots of comedy byplay with the audience volunteer.

Dal stressed that it is important to always have something to give away. He said that it is very important to build one’s contact list and keep clients and potential clients in the loop.

We thank Dal Sanders for taking the time from his busy schedule to visit us in Oklahoma City. We wish him well as the new President of S.A.M.

Lee Woodside



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