Secretary Report – March 2019

Ring NO. 46, OKLAHOMA CITY, OK – Seymour Davis Ring

Meets 7:00 pm, 1st Monday of the month at the Contemporary Arts Building, Oklahoma State Fairground.

LEE WOODSIDE, Secretary. Email:

Our theme for March was liquid magic. Lee Woodside kicked things off with “Captain Lee’s Magic Medicine Show.” He began by pitching his Captain Lee’s Magical Medicine for Mysterious Maladies. Next he showed how he tests the water he uses for its special magnetic properties. (Hydrostatic glass.) Then he told about the magical mountain spring discovered by his good friend “Shyster Joe” Diggle on land sacred to the Shoshone during one of Joe’s many summer visits to Cody Wyoming. (Lota bowl.) Lee concluded by showing how the magic medicine would multiply to meet the needs of all his family members. (Multum in Parvo.)

President Cassidy Smith led a group discussion on the many magic effects that use liquids. We also discussed the advantages and disadvantages of liquid magic.

Jim Green demonstrated his custom made top hat table that also has a shelf for holding magic items and a hook to use for linking rings. He then showed us the magical self-lighting light bulb that he had constructed.

Darryl Brooks told us about his first paid gig. He recently performed strolling magic for a party with 300 attendees. He said that performing street magic in Bricktown in downtown OKC helped him to prepare. He also thanked those who had mentored him and said that belonging to the club had helped him immensely.

Derrick Beeson gave reviews of several magic items that he recently obtained. He gave his highest recommendation for the new book THE MAGIC RAINBOW, by Juan Tamariz. He also liked the Italian leather coin purses marketed by Michael Rubenstein. Finally, he demonstrated the T-1000 by Nemo and Hanson Chien, which allows for an effect very similar to the “Crazy Man’s Handcuffs,” except using key chains rather than rubber bands.

Lee Woodside led off the member performances by showing how his magic medicine knows how to magically target the correct location in the body. He used a “Liquid Penetration” effect with three drinking glass which were stacked one on top of another. He showed that he could pour the medicine directly into any of the three glasses. He ended by separating the glasses, which caused some gasps in the audience.

David Teeman performed a card trick using a deck of Tony Chang playing cards. When he turned the card box over, “Tony Chang” became “Drunk Asian.” Darryl Brooks and Derrick Beeson each chose a playing card and reinserted it into the deck. Miraculously, each of the cards turned face up in the face-down deck.

Terry “T.Lo” LoSawyer said that he grew up on a farm and his family used a well for water. He then demonstrated how a well works. He punched a hole in the top of Darryl Brook’s head and poured in some water. He then held a funnel and a bucket under Darryl’s arm while he had Derrick Beeson pump his other arm. Sure enough the water flowed into the bucket.

Darryl Brooks inserted a string through a green Starbuck’s straw. He folded the straw in half and cut the straw into two pieces. He was then able to restore the string.

Michael King showed a large cheese balls container that was filled with ping pong balls. He removed one ball and tossed it into the audience. He had that person name a digit from one to nine and then toss the ball to someone else. Once he had three digits, he said that he had counted the balls earlier and written the total on a piece of paper that was at the bottom of the container. He had Lee Woodside hold a fishing net as he emptied the container of ping pong balls into the net. Sure enough, the piece of paper contained the three-digit number arrived at by the audience members.

Derrick Beeson performed the classic egg bag trick. When he pretended to place the egg under his arm, he showed that instead of an egg, it was a lemon. He concluded by producing a shot glass full of liquid.

Jordan Johnson poured water into the folds of a newspaper. He then rotated the paper through a full 360 degrees without any water coming out. He finished by pouring the water back out of the newspaper.

Michael King demonstrated amazing card flourishes while Cassidy Smith wrote the names of all the performers on pieces of paper and placed them into a hat. The lucky performer whose name was drawn won a very nice Himber wallet.

Lee Woodside

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